Modeling & Analytics for Health Activities

You are working in the Public Health domain and are aiming at :

  • establishing clear insights  from  surveys
  • modeling Public Health programmes or the linkages between Inputs & Outcomes and more importantly, quantifying the effects on Impact indicators


Consider mathematical  modeling & data mining processes 

through bayesian statistics and the software BayesiaLab


 Bayesian networks can cover the entire map of analytics.


Raphael Girod offers you customized assistance for :

  • analyzing questionnaires and surveys for establishing clear insights and actionable solutions
  • implementing  innovative and relevant model linking knowledge from experts  with performance indicators and their corresponding database.


Together we will merge art and science so as to …


… identify and analyze your domain of expertise and data, advising you in the creation of your model (or Bayesian networks of parameters) and their use in decision making.


Raphael Girod will carry out pre-studies (proof of concept) for you to illustrate the relevance of bayesian network methodology on your own data.

Contact me to describe your goal or  if you require further information