How to proceed with Target Mean Analysis ?

Target Mean Analysis

On the basis of a network structure, we can examine the relationships between the factors and a target node.

A specific function computes the mean value of the Target Node  by varying each factor, one at a time, across its entire range of values.

This function lets you see the relationship between each node and the target variable in the form of curves.

The Target Mean Analysis  provides a quick overview of how our factors values are associated with the Target Node . The y-axis shows the mean values of the Target Node  as a function of the factor values on the x-axis.


Target means analysis1


Apart for the red colored variable, this plot suggests that all the factors are approximately linearly associated with the Target Node . Furthermore, the curves appear to run almost parallel between the x-values of -5 and 5.


For each node, its mean will vary from the minimum to the maximum of the variation domain and determine, for each variation, the corresponding probability distribution, in the same manner as for the observation of a node’s mean in the monitors. Each node will be observed with this probability distribution and the corresponding value of the target node is calculated.

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