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International health programmes

International programs in global health represent the commitment and determination of many Government and private donors to prevent suffering, save lives, and create a brighter future for families in the developing world. International organizations’ commitment to improving global health includes confronting global and complex health challenges  (Travis, 2004) through improving the quality, availability, and use of essential health services.

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Performance based approach

Performance-based funding  (PBF) was developed to improve the quality of projects by funding results attained rather than funding according to the size of an institution or standard budgeting procedures.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

Focusing on performance – by linking funding to the achievement of clear and measurable results – requires investment in measurement systems.

Monitoring and evaluation is therefore critical to performance-based funding and is integrated throughout the life cycle of every Global Fund grant.

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Database system and analysis

In fact, GFATM processes lead themselves to analytics[1], and do have a number of key characteristics to set up successfully that bayesian based Model and to achieve the proposed service goal . These processes are mainly as follows:

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