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MAHA means Modeling and Analytics for Health Affairs


MAHA has an entrepreneurial  status based at Saint Jorioz – closed to Geneva, in  France.

Raphael Girod, skilled in the management and public health domains, has created the MAHA organization.

Maha and its partners strive to support relevant clinical, management and policy decisions that have a real impact on healthcare performance; to provide the solutions in an agile manner to empower timely decision-making, and to enable a positive user experience that allows decision-makers to interact with and adopt solutions to support their decision-making.

Maha is guided by three principles: relevance, agility and positive user experience.

The backbone of these principles is robust analytics that go beyond historical descriptive analytics towards predictive and prescriptive analytics.  Maha and its partners are constantly learning and adopting agile approaches, such as machine learning, that expedite the analytical process. Furthermore, we are currently working on optimizing the backbone of our analytical processes through standardization of methodologies and analytic steps in order to reduce project delivery times further.