Raphael Girod proposes three consistent expertises :


Reinterpretation   –   Analytics


Further details about these three intertwined expertises

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Expertise 1


The modeling process is based on the development of current  conceptual framework (model) within which specific performance measures (indicators) are tested routinely.

Performance framework and logical framework are key documents for starting the modeling process.


 Expertise 2


After having transposed model and data into BayesiaLab software, the reinterpretation process is a compulsory step because of

- the potential new relationships among the indicators and

- the new appraisal of inputs’ or activities’ contributions to impact performances.

Expertise 3


The analytical capacity of BayesiaLab is capable to optimize  the expected effects  of  several selected factors in relation to impact performances.

Identification of best action plan  and updated budget are duly laid down with experts, stakeholders and  decision makers.