Modelling against abstract blue glowing black background



The model is based on the development of current and robust conceptual framework within which specific performance measures are tested. The framework should ensure that all major domains of Public Health Programme are covered, such as the performance framework and corresponding database.

Reminder:  Bayesian Model through its multi-level hierarchical structure aims at combining graphical representation with causal modeling and Bayesian probability to provide a useful tool for analysis.


Based on the available knowledge and field experiences acquired, the proposed Bayesian Network or Model integrate parameters and their potential causal relationships.


All potential structured data  are identified and made available

The evaluation of the theoretical  Model  will mainly be using as much detailed archival data collected and, hopefully archived in a systematic and structured manner into specific database.


Nota bene: Data are available obviously, but the main concerns forecasted are the weakness of health information systems, the weakness of registration systems and some of alternative sources of data, and the lack of capacity in general in that field.


In conclusion, Bayesian Network does model any Public Health Programmes and its environment as a collection of stable parametric based mechanisms but it is worth mentioning that one of the most exciting prospect is the possibility of using such model to discover causal structures in raw statistical data.