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Transfer of models and their respective “digestible” data into BayesiaLab software is processed

 Within the framework of any research project, BayesiaLab’s computational efficiency and inherently visual structure make Bayesian Network attractive for exploring and explaining complex problems such as the ones applied to Public Health Programmes.

Data import 2

Nota bene: Structured methods and functions are the key features embedded in the software which should be instrumental for confirming or validating evaluation assumptions



Sceen-bayesia-&The most interesting aspect of a model is that they are direct representations of the world. Therefore, the arrows in the diagram could represent real causal connections and not the flow of information during reasoning, such as money during project implementation or even physical assets during distribution. So, whatever the causal connection among parameters, duly validated by correlation tests, it will need a “rationale” interpretation, which means the reasoning exercise could lead to a recurrent interpretation.

It is much needed to reinterpret the current model, if needed, and, in the best case  to validate the first applied model before further analysis.Target means analysis1




Overall, the reinterpretation process of the model enables to optimize  reliable, scalable or available components of health programmes:Computer system robustness

  •  because it takes into account all the reliable output, outcome and  impact indicators (as defined in the performance framework)
  • because the most successful activities (as highlighted throughout the analysis step) of the health programmes are scalable
  • because it depends mainly on the database (issued from the information system) made available to the data analyst or researcher